Sara Peinado Tarifa (Granada, 1983)

Sara Peinado TarifaShe started her career studying Spanish dance and Flamenco in "Los Álamos" Spanish School of Dance (Granada). Thanks to this school, she had the possibility of performing in Andalusia, Galicia, Barcelona and Morocco. After that, Sara was involved into the body language and contemporary dance by Patricia Cabrero. Moreover, she finished her dance degree in the Dance Conservatory of Reina Sofía (Granada, Spain), where she obtained her contemporary dance diploma. There she was granted for the Improvisation Festival of Granada in 2009 where she took some courses by Ana Sánchez Couso and Eckhard Muller.

Meanwhile, she obtained her diploma of Environmental Science Degree by the University of Granada.

Subsequently, she finished her training in the Dance Conservatory of María del Ávila (Madrid, Spain), specialized in choreography and interpretation of contemporary dance. This conservatory granted her for the International Festival of Contact Improvisation (Madrid, 2012). She has taken courses by Sol Picó, Daniel Abreu, Vicky Pérez Miranda, Laura Aris, Fernando Hurtado, Joerg Hassman and Noam Carmeli.

Moreover, she has worked in theatrical plays as "Colores", played in Granada, and in some plays for the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada as "De tú a tú", "Alma" or "La consagración de la primavera", by María Rovira, and "Ojalá" by Antonio Ruz.

Likewise, she has been part of the creative process of "El Agua desnuda", and as dancer in the work "La creación del mundo", which first night was in the Manuel de Falla Theatre, in Granada. Both works created by Alberto Huetos.

She has worked in the Antonio Ruz Company as assistant choreographer in the work "Ojo", showed in the Autumn to Spring Festival of Madrid, and as dancer in "Elegía".

She has leaded the performance "Eso no" showed in the School of Arts of Granada.

Also, she has been part of the company Mey Ling Bisogno in works as "Peep Box", showed in the Dance Festival of Madrid, and "Hermosura", showed in the Fringe Festival of Madrid.

She has been part of "Le Gran Bal" by Sharon Fridman, showed in RESAD (Spanish Royal School of Dramatic Arts).

She participated as interpreter in the dance film "Battemant de cil", chosen in 2013 for the International Festival of Dance Films 'dançaemfoco' MIV (Río de Janeiro, Brasil), and in 2012 in the Festival Internacional Videodanzaba (International Festival of Dance Film of Buenos Aires, Argentina): Memory, body, image. It was awarded by Screens and showed in Belfast, Buenos Aires, Hanoi and Novara.

Furthermore, she leaded the video art "Paso a paso", showed in "Muestra Artecittá: La Noche en Blanco" (Granada) and in the Collective Exposition: Heritage of Al-Andalus (Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, 2013).

Nowadays, she integrates the BuCle Company.