Elena Quesada Carmona (Baeza, 1987)

Elena Quesada CarmonaElena started his career in classic, Spanish and flamenco dance in Baeza (Jaen), meanwhile she was taking dancing lesson by the Royal Academy. Later, she studied classic dance in the Dance Conservatory of Reina Sofía (Granada, Spain), where she discovered the contemporary dance. She obtained his contemporary dance diploma there. During these learning years, she was granted for the Improvisation Festival of Granada in 2009, where she took some courses by Ana Sánchez Couso, Eckhard Muller and Mamen Agüera. She also participated in some Andalusian choreographic competitions with some of her plays, as "Gravedad".

Subsequently, she studied in the Centro Andaluz de Danza, CAD (Andalusian Regional Centre of Dance), where she took lessons by Teresa Ranieri or Ramón Oller. Moreover, she was granted for the Choreographic Workshop in the Eva Bertoméu Centre of Dance. In this centre, she was part of the teaching staff as teacher of contemporary dance, as well as she was invited to participate in the Eva Bertomeu Dance Company.

At the same time, she was training in other techniques related to the body and she obtained the certification of Pilates instructor. Some of her remarkable instructors are Teresa Nieto, Germán Jauregui, Laura Aris, Sol Vázquez, Manuela Nogales and Patricia García.

She has been part of works as "De tú a tú", "Alma" or "La consagración de la primavera" by María Rovira showed in the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada. Furthemore, she has worked in "Rugged Lines" by the Trànsit Company of María Rovira. Elena also participated in "Algo más de diez" by Eva Bertomeu, showed in La Rambleta (Valencia, Spain). She danced in the work "Carmina Burana de La Fura dels Baus" showed in the Palace of Charles V, as the closing show of the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada.

She was selected for the dance film "Del vestir" to the Latino Video Art Festival of New York 2013. Moreover, she got an honourable mention in the International Festival of Dance Films "In Mediterraneum" due to the dance film "Succubus". This dance film was showed in 2013 for the Al-Andalus Heritage (Parque de las Ciencias, Granada).

Nowadays, she integrates the BuCle Company.